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Europe acts as a ballast, the Americas keep a marathon pace and the Asian bloc is flying high. In brief, this is the reading perspective for the 35 million hectolitres cumulated by the major countries of the three continents, for an amount of 17 billion US dollar, with performances of strong increase, both in volumes (+4%) and in values (about +7%). Nevertheless, signs of economic malaise should be highlighted: if we extend the period of time, the growth data, measured in CAGR since 2012, decrease to +1.6% in quantities and to +1% in values. Moreover, in the last year, sales values are affected by the weakening of the US Dollar and GB Pound against the Euro, actually bringing about an inflation spiral, which strongly waters down financial performances.

To sum up, the weight of the wine bottle on the scale is supported only and exclusively by the Asian continent and in particular by China, considering that both Hong Kong and Japan have started to slow down. If the world were composed of the 11 countries monitored in this analysis, today Beijing’s weight would be 16% in volume and 15% in value terms, practically doubled over a five-year period and mainly over the last 3 years, considering that between 2012 and 2014 there had been a phase for deep reflection. Over the five-year period closed in 2017, the Chinese growth performances stood at + 16% of volume CAGR and at +13% of value, reducing the gap with the European bloc (UK, Germany, Switzerland and Russia) from 3.6 billion to 750 million US dollar.

A progressive repositioning of the various competitors’ interest towards the East (Chile and Australia) and a re-balancing of New Zealanders and Europeans towards the Americas (however, more France than Italy) seriously start to cause an impoverishment effect on the Old Continent bloc, for which, in general and obviously with some exceptions, wines with an increasingly more basic profile seem to be destined.



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